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A. Heating and current drive

Covering engineering development, design studies, modelling and experimental exploitation of heating and current drive (H&CD) systems.

Example subjects: NBI. ECRH. EBW. ICRH. Efficiency of H&CD operations. Plasma interactions with H&CD.

B. Divertors and Plasma Facing Components

Engineering, technology development, modelling and experimental exploitation of divertors and plasma facing components.

Example subjects: First wall. High heat flux components. Divertors. Liquid metal plasma facing components.  

C. Diagnostics and Instrumentation

Covering all diagnostic and instrumentation systems required or proposed for fusion operations.

Example subjects: Plasma analysis and control. Condition monitoring of components. Non-destructive examination. Specialist instrumentation not covered in other topic areas.

D. Tritium Breeding Blankets

Dedicated section covering tritium breeding blanket components.

Examples subjects: Test Blanket modules. Design of blankets. Tritium Breeding studies. Experimental facilities in support of blankets. Blanket concepts for tokamak and non-tokamak devices.    

E. Next Step Devices, DEMOs, Power Plants & socio-economic studies (Design studies)

Focusing on engineering design studies towards future fusion devices and overarching roadmaps, social economic studies, etc. Including tokamak and non-tokamak devices.

Example subjects: Systems codes. Social-economic studies. Commercial power plant studies. Overviews and roadmaps to next step fusion systems. ITER status and progress.

F. Safety, regulation and neutronics

Covering the safety and regulation of current and future fusion devices, and nuclear analysis studies.

Example subjects: Safety engineering, whole plant safety studies, HAZOPS. Development of fusion specific regulation or analysis of regulatory frameworks effects on fusion systems. Nuclear data studies, neutronics analysis. Neutronics codes implementation and development. Development and/or exploitation of detector and systems for nuclear analysis. Shielding analysis. Waste and waste classification studies. Activated Corrosion Products.   

G. Materials (Plasma Facing, magnets, structural, functional, qualification process)

Development, testing, analysis, modelling and qualification of materials for fusion. Talks here should focus on the materials rather than the components. 

Example subjects: Plasma facing materials. Plasma materials interactions. Magnet materials. Irradiation studies on materials. Insulators, resins, specialist materials. Joining of materials and multi-materials interfaces. Functional materials including breeders, multipliers. Corrosion.  

H. Tokamak and Non-tokamak Fusion Experiments (including operations, plasma and magnets engineering)

Covering all experimental exploitation of existing fusion systems, including tokamak and non-tokamak experiments.

Example subjects: Magnet engineering. Plasma control and operations. Disruption mitigation and control. Inertial confinement experiments. Magnetic confinement experiments. Magnetized target experiments. Overall operation of devices. 

I. Plant efficiency, Power management and Control

Covering studies focusing on power management and efficacy for current and future fusion devices.

Example subjects: Coolant’s selection. Connections to grids, power balance and management. Control of electrical infrastructure. Studies focused on plant efficiency. Technology development and selection for power management, control and efficiency

J. Operation and Maintenance, Remote handling and RAMI

Operational maintenance of current and future fusion devices.

Example subjects: remote handling technology developments, engineering, experimentation, and modelling. Maintenance and repair technologies and engineering developments. RAMI studies.  

K. Virtual Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Project Management

Covering studies relating to virtual engineering, systems and engineering, and project management of current and future fusion devices.

Example subjects: Plant simulators. Digital twin, digital replica, in-silico designs. Systems engineering implementation and development. Project management methodology or implementation as it pertains to fusion specific developments (whole systems, design studies, ongoing experimentation), general management development of note to fusion.

L. Tritium, Fuel Cycle, Fuelling, Exhaust, and Vacuum Systems

Covering all aspects of the tritium fuel cycle and vacuum systems for current and future fusion devices.

Example subjects: Detritiation. Matter injection. Fuelling. Pellets. Analysis and control of tritium. Tritium inventory requirement. Tritium processing. Supply of tritium. Permeation and retention. Vacuum vessel. Vacuum pumps development and exploitation. Cryo-plant.