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Plenary and Invited Talks

Plenary Talks

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Update on ITER achievements, challenges, and path to operationsKathryn McCarthy, US ITER Project Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Fusion Energy’s Apollo – How STEP plans to stimulate a new industry for a new technologyPaul Methven, Director of STEP, UKAEA
JET DT campaign and decommissioning  *Damian King, UK Atomic Energy Authority
Target gain at the National Ignition FacilityAlex Zylstra, Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Wendelstein 7-X in the steady-state regime, Assembly, Commissioning and OperationHans-Stephan Bosch, Head of Operation W7-X, Max.Planck-Instut für Plasmaphysik
Development of Virtual KSTAR and Digital Twin Technologies for FusionJae-Min Kwon, Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Fusion Energy
The Global Fusion Industry in 2023 – An overview of the plans, timelines, and investment in commercial fusionAndrew Holland, CEO, Fusion Industry Association
Recent EAST experimental results and CRAFT R&D progress for CFETR in ChinaYuntao Song, Director, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences
Status and prospects for fusion developments in EuropeGianfranco Federici, Head of Department, EUROfusion  
Current status of JT-60SA operation and future upgradeSam Davis, JT-60SA,  Fusion for Energy
Strategy and progress of JA DEMO development

Yoshiteru Sakamoto, Group Leader, National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology

Invited Talks

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TitleTopic AreaSpeaker
Present status of SPIDER upgradesADiego Marcuzzi, Head of NBTF Engineering, Consorzio RFX
Innovative concepts in the DTT Neutral Beam InjectorAPiero Agostinetti, Researcher, Consorzio RFX
Engineering Challenges of Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX) Steady-State High Heat Flux Components *BAftab Hussain, Senior Design Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Variable-Radii-Spiral Optics for X-Ray Spectroscopy: Dramatically Improved Performance Through Complex Shaping and Advanced FabricationCNovimir Pablant, Principal Research Scientist, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Engineering Challenges in ITER to realize Diagnostics  *CMike Walsh, Division Head, ITER
Overview of UNITY blanket testing station Satoshi Konishi, Co-founder & Chief Fusioneer, Kyoto Fusioneering
Overview of CHIMERA combinatorial IVC test facility DThomas Barrett, Mechanical Engineer, UK Atomic Energy Authority, UKAEA
Developing a fast, low-cost, and repeatable system to decarbonise the global coal fleet with fission and fusion by 2050EKirsty Gogan, Co-founder and Managing Director, LucidCatalyst and TerraPraxis
Fusion Regulation *FSehila Gonzalez, IAEA
Development of High Intensity Steady Neutron Sources HINEGFDr Qi Yang
Plasma facing materials and related test facilities and requirements for material and component qualificationGGerald Pintsuk, Laboratory Head, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Status of Research on Lithium-6 Enrichment and Development of New Technology Using Ionic ConductorGKenji Morita, Senior Researcher, National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology
The DIII-D National Fusion Facility, supporting ITER and the Reactor PathHGeorge Sips, Director of DIII-D Operations, General Atomics
From Z to a Next Generation Pulsed Power Facility(H)Daniel B Sinars, Director, Sandia National Laboratories
Spherical Tokamak Power ManagementISteven Wray, STEP Product Lead – Power Infrastructure, UKAEA
ITER hot cell facility  *JMagnus Gohran, Acting Division Head, ITER
Status of Plant Construction in ITER Tokamak Complex BuildingsKIngo Kuehn, Engineer, ITER
Progress in maturation of critical technologies for the EU DEMO fuel cycleLChristian Day, Project Leader Tritium, Matter Injection and Vacuum Technologies,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
TBCAward (2021)Dennis Youchison
TBCAwards (2022)TBC