Conference Proceedings

The deadline for submissions for this journal special issue has been extended to 4th October 2023.

Who should submit a manuscript for publication?

All SOFE 2023 conference presenters (oral or poster) are highly encouraged to submit a paper to be published in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS), a peer-reviewed journal.

To be eligible for publication in this special issue the work must have been presented at the conference by the first author.  

Why should you publish your research?

Publishing helps you share your research with the global scientific community and ensures that your article is available for the future. 

These proceedings will be published in a prestigious IEEE journal that has a readership encompassing the plasma science and fusion communities. Publishing through peer review helps improve the quality of your article, and publishing in a conference proceedings special issue will widen your potential audience.

When is the deadline for submitting SOFE 2023 manuscripts?

The deadline for submissions for this journal special issue is 4th October 2023.

What should be in your submission?


What’s exciting about your research?

·         Is it new and useful – original work that has not been done before?

·         Is it a hot topic in your field?

·         Are you providing answers or solutions to a difficult problem in your field?

·         Do you have the data to support your claims and conclusion?

IEEE has put together some tips and best practices for the sections that should be included in your conference paper: Structure Your Paper – IEEE Author Center Conferences. There are also a number of IEEE video tutorials that include advice for writing an article as well as information on the publishing process.

Authors considering submission of their work should review the information available at the journal’s web site, Transactions on Plasma Science (

Previous proceedings can be found on the IEEE Xplore website: Special Issue of Selected Papers from SOFE 2021.


Submitted manuscripts will be limited to 6 pages (including references), whether conference presentation was oral or poster; or 8 pages for invited and plenary papers. 

Template documents can be found on the IEEE website: IEEE Template Selector

·         Select Transactions, Journals and Letters > IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science > Original research and Brief

·         Word and LaTeX versions are available

What’s the submission process?

The peer review process

Submitted articles will go through the academic review process before publication: submissions will be reviewed anonymously by two peer reviewers and must meet the journal’s usual standards in order to be accepted.

Feedback from the reviewers will inform the editor’s decision on whether to accept or reject your manuscript for publication:

·         About the Peer Review Process – IEEE Author Center Journals

·         Understanding the Decision Process – IEEE Author Center Journals

Peer review workflow:

1.       Author submits manuscript

2.       Editor selects peer reviewers

3.       Reviewers evaluate manuscript, submit recommendation to editor

4.       Editor makes decision (Accept / Revise / Reject)

5.       Author informed of decision 

Copyright for the journal special issue will follow standard IEEE journal copyright

Your submission

All manuscripts must be submitted to the TPS online peer review system at, by the deadline of 4th October 2023.

Create an account (if you have not submitted to this journal before); navigate to your Author Dashboard, select Start New Submission, Begin Submission and select the Type “Special Issue – Selected Papers from SOFE 2023”.

Follow the steps through the rest of the submission process. Help and FAQs can be found here: ScholarOne Manuscripts FAQs and Help – Web of Science Group (

Note that a cover letter is not required for this special issue, and that author referee suggestions are welcomed but optional.

Who will be the reviewers for this issue?

Reviewers will be experts in your manuscript’s subject matter; they are independent of the journal’s editorial team.

Reviewers for submissions to this special issue may be selected from SOFE 2023 attendees and presenters who have volunteered their expertise within their specific topics.

Advice for reviewers

IEEE has advice and guidance for reviewers: 

The review process will be managed through the TPS online peer review system, ScholarOne.